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At the West End - an Original RPG Based on TWW
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At the West End

At the West End is an RPG based off of the popular show The West Wing, but with an original cast and original issues all its own.

A new president is in the White House, and with him a new staff. They're green - everyone knows the president's history (he was elected, after all), but no one knows what kind of president he's going to make. Of course, he's not going to get time to handle the little things first and keep his approval rating up - he might think that with the election over and his victory taken, the hardest part is over, but the truth is, his problems are just beginning...

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.: RULES :.

1. No godmodding. You control your character and only your character. If you don't understand what godmodding is, please feel free to ask.

2. This is a mature RPG. There will be adult topics being discussed and played out. You must be sixteen years of age or older to play.

3. RP sessions will be done either on this community or over AIM. AIM is required in order to be in this RPG. You must post logs of AIM RPGs on the main community. If you have a very long post, please cut anything after the second or third paragraph - if you don't know how to use an LJ-cut, ask. RPs will be done in third-person, past-tense point of view. Story-style.

4. You must post in your character's journal at least once every two weeks, preferably more often, unless you have notified me that you will be unable to post. Journal posts will be first-person point of view. If you do not post in two weeks, you will be given a warning. If you don't post within four days of the warning, you will be kicked from the RPG.

5. No spamming, flaming, or fighting amongst yourselves. If you have an issue with another player, bring it to me and we'll see what we can work out.

6. Explicit posts (involving sex, etc.) will be put behind an LJ-cut. Again, if you don't know how to make an LJ-cut, ask and thou shall recieve.

7. When on the application, it says, "Anything else?" put, "Bartlett for president" to let me know that you've read the rules.

8. I am not going to regulate pairings. Slash, femmeslash, het - it's all fine, even though this RPG isn't about romance (hell, I know it's going to happen!). If you have a problem with that, perhaps you should take it elsewhere.

9. When you IM someone looking to RP, you must ask them before jumping into an RP setting. Don't just assume that someone wants to RP. Ask them before you go in character (IC). Got it? Okay, good.

10. Last but not least, your character must be created by you. I will not accept characters from The West Wing or any other fandom.

Also, pay attention to this map:

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The President of the United States - Benjamin Patrick Malloy (potus_malloy)

The Vice-President - position open

White House Chief of Staff - Dorian C. Wallace (dcwallace)

Deputy White House Chief of Staff - William Aiden Archer (billy_archer)

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs - position open

White House Press Secretary - Audrey Nearra (nearenough)

Director of White House Communications - Katherine Amy Hawkins (khawkins)

Deputy Communications Director - Mark Wallice (m_wallice)

National Security Advisor - interim character - Alexandra Lestrade (eneseh)

Deputy National Security Advisor - position open

Personal Aide to the President - Monica Romero Alvarez (mromeroalvarez)

President's Secretary - position open

Chief of Staff's Secretary - position open

Vice President's Secretary - position open

Media Consultant - position open

Senior Assistants: all positions open

Assistants / Other Secretaries:
Assistant to the Director of Communications - Xavier Clifford Whitaker (xcliffordw)
Assistant to the Deputy Communications Director - Melinda Page (mel_page)
Secretary to the Deputy Chief of Staff - Valerie Elizabeth Wade (vw_bug)

Other Staff: all positions open

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The Senate:
Iowa Senator - Catherine Ross (catherine_ross)
Maine Senator - Avery Nox (noxparadox)

Congress: all positions open

Other Political Figures: all positions open

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Security Personnel:
Head of the President's Security Detail - Mark Brown (mark_brown)

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Press Representatives:

BBC American Correspondant - Benjamin Glenn (benji_glenn)

North West Cable News Correspondant - Tari Winston (t_winston)

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Civilians & Etcetera:

First Lady - Evelyn Jeanne Malloy (ladyofthehour)

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.: how to apply :.

Fill out the following form and send it to my at ryuuen_eien[at]yahoo[dot]com. If you don't recieve a reply within four days, please feel free to IM me at ShifterOmi, although I'm hoping that won't be necessary.


(you must be 16+ to play)
Contact Information:
(email, AIM, etcetera)


(you can use this section and the below history to establish the personality of the character, as well - in fact, I encourage it)
Anything Else About the Character:


Anything Else?:

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